Tuesday, November 21, 2006


My lucky day in Hell

Awoke with a nasty jolt today: was it my imagination or had it been an uncommonly long time since my first alarm?

A glance was enough to confirm my suspicions: my second alarm hadn't gone off, it was 9:15 am and I was due in class at 10 am. I was pretty impressed with myself for waking up while I still had a fighting chance to make it in on time and avoid the ignominy and financial ramifications of a late penalty. Despite the urgency of my departure, I decided that it must be my lucky day.

Holding onto that thought, I sprinted out of the door without the time-consuming and tiresome ritual of putting on underwear. I figured that, unless it turned out to be the mother of all lucky days, no one would be looking in my trousers.

A world-record time up Sakai suji and no serious collisions even afforded me the luxury of a pit stop at a convenience store before I jumped on the train. Better was to follow: a blunder with the schedule meant that I was able to get a free second lesson in which to gather my thoughts.

When the head honcho showed up, I told him about my serious of jacksy windfalls. "It's all coming up Dan," he observed, although what he meant by this is a mystery to me.

As if to prove the point, he started sorting through our cupboards and clearing out old CDs; lo and behold, what turned up?

A copy of The Best of New Order, that's what. And now it's my copy.

How did life ever get this good?

I thought your story was leading up to some horrific kids class related de-pantsing. I guess it WAS your lucky day.

Oh, and I believe "Everything's coming up (insert name)!" is one of MY catch phrases. At least it has been ever since I borrowed it from Millhouse, who borrowed it from a showtune.
You’re lucky it wasn’t "The Best of Rage Against the Machine."
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