Thursday, November 30, 2006


Further Carter USM nostalgia

For any of you who, even in the light of my recent post about Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, didn't race out and buy their b-sides album from your local record store, here's a song of theirs that's been stuck in my head all day, for no apparent reason.

Put your hands on your head.
Get out the van
Simple Simon says.

Get out the van and stretch your legs
Simple Simon says.

He says,
You are weak
and I am strong-
and it won't take long...

That was how the story went-
they found her face down in the Trent.
Battered, broken, bruised and bent,
I guess God gave her up for Lent.
She was weak and he was strong;
It didn't take that long.

It didn't take that long...

This is her song.

Do you remember the date of birth
of the salt and pepper of the earth?
Starry eyed and twinkle toes,
Mother's pride and Daddy's nose.
She packed her satchel, brushed her teeth
and left for Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
On the helter skelter with a stick of rock,
in her mother's little helper frock.

Get off the streets and do in now-
You've got to get yourself some firepower.

Na Na Na Na Na
This is her song.

Her song
Carter USM

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