Friday, November 10, 2006


The end times are here; you'd better not shout, you'd better not cry...

A young woman's rooftop suicide bid in Germany sparked a mass brawl between spectators encouraging the 21-year-old to jump and a group of homeless people trying to protect her, authorities said Tuesday.

The homeless people were angered when some teenagers in the crowd of hundreds started yelling to the woman she should throw herself from the roof of the town hall of the southwestern town of Loerrach, said police spokesman Dietmar Ernst.

"The homeless people started shouting at the kids not to say that, using some strong language," Ernst said. "Morally speaking though, the homeless people were in the right."

A punch-up involving around 40 people then ensued, during which time police managed to coax the woman back indoors -- three and a half hours after her ordeal began.

Some 35 officers, six of whom were injured during the fight, were needed to break it up. Eight participants were arrested, most of them school children aged between 16 and 19.

Ernst said he was doubtful that the brawl, which involved at least one girl, had stopped the woman from jumping.

"She was about 70 metres (230 feet) up and probably wouldn't have seen much of what was going on," he said.

Suicide bid sparks punch-up among spectators
Reuters Tuesday Nov 7, 2006

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Damn, I thought. If the above scenario wasn't mentioned in the Book Of Revelation as one of the omens of the end times, then it should have been.

I checked out the entry for Revelation on Wikipedia and was further alarmed to discover the following.

In the 4th century, St. John Chrysostom and other bishops argued against including this book in the New Testament canon, chiefly because of the difficulties of interpreting it and the danger for abuse. Christians in Syria also reject it because of the Montanists' heavy reliance on it. In the 9th century, it was included with the Apocalypse of Peter among "disputed" books in the Stichometry of St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople. In the end it was included in the accepted canon, although it remains the only book of the New Testament that is not read within the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

suck my nuts u s.o.b

DAMN! The end times were evidently even closer at hand than I'd originally thought if Revelation was pumping out the word of Satan.

Considering myself a good citizen, I edited the Wikipedia page, purged the word of the infidel and resisted the urge to embellish the entry further with my own theories about Armageddon.

Armageddon scenario #1: Student books into Dan's free lesson. Dan flies into an angry rage and destroys the entire universe.

Armageddon scenario #2: Mr Craig Gamble offers some insightful comment into Dan's footballing weak points during a tight match. Dan crams entire universe into the boot of a stolen car and drives it off a cliff.

Armageddon scenario #3: Dan stops to ask a policeman for directions. Policeman asks to see Dan's alien registration card. Dan swallows entire universe, then disgorges it into a wood chipper.


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