Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Theory and practice

Recently, I found myself so devoid of motivation in the teaching room, that I tossed them the topic 101 ways to use a hairdrier and told them to knock themselves out.

Some of the highlights:

- Moving balloons about (because, apparently, they're far too heavy to move by hand.)

- Revealing what's written on an invisible ink letter (use lemon juice as the ink.)

- Murdering someone in the bath.

I smiled to myself but resisted the urge to tell them about #83: The Tuesday Night Special:

The men's changing room in the Oasis Sports Club, five men seated in front of the mirror. Four stony-faced salarymen of indeterminate age are drying their hair, as is the fifth man: Dan. In contrast to the others, however, and to their tacit disapproval, Dan is drying the hair on his back.

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