Friday, October 20, 2006


Sugaring the pill

Strong point and weak point...

Back when I was in charge of writing SBA FC match reports, I established the journalistic institution of shooters and rooters, these being the accolades given to those players who had, respectively, played like a wet dream and a wet bed.

Shortly before I came to Japan, I had a go at changing this to George Best and Fred West.

It didn't really catch on.

So, a senior instructor at the Happy Rabbit English Corporation, and occasional reader of this page, I might add, was asking me for some advice (by which I mean: going through the tiresome charade of asking me for some advice, as if he expected any kind of sense) about the format of the new batch of (laughingly titled) student progress reports:

HE: I have a plus as "strong point", a minus as "weak point"; is there a better way to phrase "weak point"?

ME (off guard): Er.. how about "needs work"?

(He gives this the thumbs up and heads for the PASOKON to make the necessary alterations, my brain rebounds to its normal state of operations.)

ME: Wait- how about this? A plus equals "big and ballsy", a minus equals "cerebral palsy?"

I received an old-fashioned look.

As per George Best vs Fred West, I think it may be some time before this one sees the light of day.

Senior instructor? Sounds like a knob cuff. ;)
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