Monday, October 02, 2006


The hot new flavour sensation that's got people in Shinsaibashi legging it for the bathroom



Malnutrition in a can

Nice to see some photos on this blog...
"Anonymous", you are a dick stain.

Rule #1: never ever say anything about my blog, because I am ace and you are a knob splutterer.

Rule #2: never ever say anything about anything because you were stupid enough to transgress rule #1.
Once again we have another example of the Japanese taking something that the Chinese did and watering it down. I can buy LIVE silkworm pupae at my local supermarket or on a stick downtown. A solid try to be hardcore, I'll give you that, but damn son, your's aren't even movin'!
So show some proof that you actually ATE that shit shrimp.

In the light of recent mails, I'm just hoping "anonymous" wasn't my mother.
Don't worry... It wasn't your mother, but I'm still hurt. Dick stain??? For the love of GOD.
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