Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Wasuremono tie

The Tuesday morning shift and Dan realises when he arrives at Hirakata station that he has neglected to put in his bag the one thing that a NOVA teacher should never, under any circumstances, neglect to put in his bag: his tie.

This represents a major crisis as the department store doesn't open until 10:00am, and at 10:05am I have to be on the 6th floor, sitting in front of four students, tie and all, teaching the lesson which I have prepared in advance. Time is now 9:40am.

Dan races to Family Mart.

Dan leaves a few minutes later, laughing giddily and clutching this atrocity:

look and learn, kiddies

Anyone who feels troubled that they may one day find themselves in similar hot water should practice screaming the following phrases at their chihuahua until they feel confident that they could reproduce this language in a real-life no-tie situation (or until the RSPCA come and take the chihuahua away):

Sumimasen, nekutai wa arimasu ka?
Excuse me, do you have any ties?

Nai to omoimasu kedo...
Don't think we have any...

Shigoto wa juu-ji kara demo nekutai o wasurete shimaimashita. Dou sureba ii?
My job starts at 10 but I went and forgot my tie. Whatever can I do?

Shou-shou o-machi kudasai.
Wait here a second, please.

Kore o karite mo ii desu ka?
Can I borrow this?

Ageru yo.
You can keep it.


STUDENT: It really suits you!

DAN: No, it doesn't. It makes me look like a bad salad.

"Whatever can I do?" Classic. So was the tie in the Family Mart "Lost and Found" or did you borrow it from the employee? Either way, a delightful tale.
The provenance of the tie was and is a mystery to me.

The employee mentioned something about his manager, so I'm guessing the old coot wore it when he graduated from whatever course it is that qualifies one to manage a combini.
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