Thursday, September 14, 2006



Woke up and started shaving on autopilot. As my eyes gradually began to focus on the rather wan-looking Dan shaving sinisterly opposite me, it struck me that something was wrong: I had a black eye, the origin of which I could no more recollect than I could fly unaided.

Damn my life. At least today was the last time I had to work this week.

Attempted driveby skull fucking maybe?
you said we scrapped on sunday and i didn't remember it, just recalled waking up in Uji feeling particularly beligerent-hangover with windows of memory of me cursing limeys, even calling an aussie one. hope you didn't catch too much wreck. beers this week fo' sho'.

and i didn't post the comment prior. i was too busy paying off my tab/drinking/fucking up my attendence record tomorrow with a bag of toys at my side for my aichi excursion. i wouldn't say skull-f*ck anyway. brain action is a little more civilized.


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