Friday, August 18, 2006


Homophobic Snoopy

Beagles sniff out sausage smugglers
from The Yomiuri Shimbun

(As usual, the story doesn't live up to the headline...)

As people return from their vacations abroad, many are being welcomed at Narita Airport by Japan's first meat-sniffing dogs--Cleo and Candy--who are on patrol to prevent banned meat products and the pathogens they could potentially carry from entering the country.


The actual title is "Beagles at Narita Airport sniff out banned meat products." Though I've never heard the BI word used in print 'til now:

"Cleo is a 2-year-old bitch from Australia, a country known as a leader in the world of sniffer dogs."

[Daily Yomiuri, pg. 2. 19 Aug 2006.]

Add 20 years to the dog's age and it probably could describe some teacher I work with.
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