Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Journeys in self entertainment

Legendary game for long car journeys: pub cricket.

The batting team is looking for pubs whose name indicates possession of legs. The number of legs = the number of runs scored. For example:

The Black Bull = 4 runs

The Headless Woman = 2 runs

The Fox and Hounds = about 68 runs (you may have to argue a bit)

The fielding team is looking for pubs whose name indicates no legs at all. Each one counts as a wicket against the batting side. For example:

The Rocket = wicket

The Cottage = wicket

The Dolphin = wicket

When playing I tend to rule any pub titled The something-something Arms is a dot ball (ie: no runs, no wicket.) This being because a coat of arms, whilst not having any legs of its own, commonly depicts heraldic beasts (eg: Lion, Unicorn, etc.) Dot ball just means less arguing all round.


Car, A road in Wales; Dan batting.

Dan: Ooh, looks like I've got this one sewn up...

Fin: ?

Dan: You may not have seen it, but we just went past a hostelry which bore the somewhat unlikely monicker of The Entire Human and Animal Population of Delhi.



He didn't entirely believe me.

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