Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Death from above

Scarcely bigger than an ant; unmistakeably a cockroach. With the larger ones, speed is of the utmost importance if the feisty beast is to be squashed. This one, however, is not as wily as his older brethren. He is also unlikely to get very much older.

As the bug scurries across my windowsill, it occurs to me that he must be from out of town; he evidently hasn't heard about me and The Descending Fist Of Retribution.

The introductions are as brief and unpleasant as can be imagined.

I scrub my hand with detergent in the bathroom. Usually, there are a few twitching limbs left over. Not so this time, such was the consummate destruction of another living creature.

Perhaps his molecules were still twitching afterwards. I really couldn't say.

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