Monday, July 31, 2006


Anthropomorphic genius

Two recent purchases I made from Amazon: My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117 and Animalympics.

My Wrongs is a short film based on a Chris Morris monologue from the Blue Jam radio series: strange bloke finds out that he's due to be defended in court by a dog (a Dobermann, to be precise) for everything he's ever done wrong. I actually prefered the radio monologue ("leg it you, fat fuck!" he laughed) but that's included as an extra on the DVD, so not to worry.

Transcript of the original radio monologue (you have to scroll down a bit.)

Animalympics is an old Christmas favourite. Very clever in places, particularly the parodying of sports coverage.

Bolt Jenkins:
"He started life as a handbag; was told he'd never walk again..."


He read some books and he oiled his brain
He started to work and he started to train
And he knew he'd never be the same again
No more were you born to lose...

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