Friday, June 02, 2006


On top of the World

Sad to report, my Tuesday visits to the Top World kids school are a thing of the past. Apparently, the company likes to cycle teachers every so often so the students are exposed to different kinds of English. In the case of my lot, they're mostly exposed to bad Japanese and dangerous games, but they've still picked up a bit of the Dan accent ("Oi loike roice," chorus my kinders); probably time to mix things up a bit.

The lucky beneficiary of my labour is none other than my arch-nemesis Wes. I told the parents not to worry- if Wes were to meet with some accident and end up in hospital I would be back at Top World in a flash. They giggled nervously.

One mother gave me pink roses. I had a fine time asking people on the train what the fuck they were staring at.


Back at Hirakata it transpires that there is a new kids class opening and the two contenders to teach are- you guessed it- Wes and myself. I am not particularly enthusiastic, but this is no reason not to slur the opposition a bit.

"Don't give it to Wes- he got complaints before for trying to nampa (pull) the kids' Mums: Hey, Touki's Mum- what are you doing after class today? Would you like to come to a party on my face?"

There is much mirth in the teacher's room. Our staff looks sceptical and says she will ask Wes about this. I suspect my bold gambit has failed.

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