Friday, June 09, 2006


It was late, I was drunk

Recently, I found myself in the enviable position of discussing discrimination in the workplace with some of my students.

Always having been one to run before I could walk, I brought up the term "positive discrimination." One of the students mentioned the women-only carriages on subway trains; I told her the these were not an example of positive discrimination, just an example of a really bad idea.

The concept that I laboured in vain to communicate was that the existence of "women only" carriages sends the message to any female opting not to board such a carriage that she has only herself to blame should she find herself the target of perversity.

Tonight, catching the subway at an hour when mild-mannered salarymen have had ample opportunity to drink themselves into such foolhardy oblivion that they are ready to enter the women-only carriage like a fox entering a chicken coop, I noted an additional drawback: all the seats were taken by menopausal mingers, against whom I would not deign to rub my loins, had I naught but five minutes until my dick fell off.

I can only interpret said biddies' hubris at scurrying into the safety carriages as some advanced form of egotism.

This begs the question:

If you were a woman, would you consider yourself gropable?
Even as a man, I consider myself so.
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