Saturday, May 20, 2006


A stab in the dark

I quite enjoy teaching at other schools: it gives me more of an opportunity to experiment with my (already laudable) educational style.

Today I was out in a school I haven't visited in around two years. I was teaching speculation to high-level students (hereafter HLS).

This is the picture task I started them off with:

From the hand of DanYou arrived at the classroom today to find the entire place covered with what appears to be blood, and a series of bloody handprints down the wall. I want you to discuss the following question with your partner: "what on earth happened here?"
I'll give you two minutes.

Key speculative language:

There must have been (some kind of murder)

It looks like (he was trying to escape)

I guess (we won't be able to take a lesson after all)


HLS: What should we do?

Dan: It might be an idea to request a different classroom: this one's kind of messy.

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