Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Semai detached

I can hear the birds singing outside
talk to cats for a while
I try so hard to turn a life inside out
everyone knows when to smile

but I don't see to much these days
'cause I don't want to

"Let me go," she said;
"and I'll find it".

-Tuner by Mogwai

The new pad!

The new pad wasn't quite as I'd remembered it from looking around with the estate agent: it had been- and remained- a one-room affair, but the window seemed to have disappeared (although this was offset by the sunlight filtering through the straw roof and pouring through the doorway of the hovel, the tanned hide that served as a curtain having been pulled aside) and looking around I now noticed a stone fireplace in the centre of the floor which would provide me with the means of cooking, not to mention valuable warmth in the bleak Winter months.

Had this been Britain, the dwelling would certainly have pre-dated the Roman invasion.

A stone's throw from the hut was an aged wooden stable for the animals, although I recall thinking that at least one stall would have to be emptied in order to provide space for my beer fridge.


Then my eyes opened and even in the black silence I knew instantly where I was: I was back in Shinsaibashi, in the heart of the city, and the people who had once lived in the unruly, sunlit fields across the old river bridge were no more than a fading memory of things best not spoken of.

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