Monday, May 15, 2006


Keihan line, 12:36

He sits down next to me and stares grinning until I grudgingly take out my headphones, whereupon he asks me where is my from. Wearily, I reply Coventry and, returning the question, elicit the answer China.

Despite my relative ignorance of the People's Republic of Phlegm-ridden Communists I ask which part and, of course, he goes and answers Nanking in a loud voice.

Personal discomfort =
(weight of history * accusing glares from other passengers)
indifference to cultural taboos

He repeats it in a loud voice and asks if I know where it is and I respond that I do although it doesn't generally come up so much in conversation for some reason.

It's a wonder that he didn't rip a sub-machine gun out of his jacket and go totally postal on "all those damn Japs".
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