Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The constitution and the law of diminishing returns

Having exhausted all other potential topics of conversation, Dan brings up the issue of Japanese constitutional reform in a last desperate bid to squander the remaining three minutes of lesson time with uninspired High Level Students (hereafter HLS), with what success may be seen in the following dialogue:

HLS: ...So I think article 9 needs to change. We should have our own army, not just always do what America say.

(The bell for the end of lesson starts ringing in the background.)

Dan: You should attack America.

HLS: Ahahaha... but how can we win?!

Dan: Didn't stop you last time.

(There is a terrible ghastly silence.)

Dan: Oh come off it, you lot; the bell was already ringing. I said that in my own time.

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