Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Unmei to shukumei no deai

About twice my weight, a few inches shorter, an underbite you could toss life jackets into and speech flowing at the same speed as pig shit-flavoured oatmeal (plus, being of about equivalent material value.)

He puts a companionable arm around my shoulder and beams inanely.

"I've only met you a few times, Dan," he drawls (drools?) "but I like you: you're very similar to me."

I stiffen in horror; then, compiling a quick list of his cardinal character defects (say: the first 50 or so) and checking which ones I can put a tick against, I become more relaxed.

Had I walked the other way home, I wouldn't have had to endure this. Evidently not a good karma day.

Besto Kid!
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