Thursday, April 13, 2006


Study materials

Andrew's got a pimp new electronic dictionary. It can do English, Japanese and Chinese and its got one of those dinky little wands so you can look up unfamiliar characters by writing them on the screen.

His other study aid is the copy of The fox's supermarket (a Japanese kid's story.) I was privileged to see him attempting to study this with the aid of the wordtank when we met up for coffee this morning.

The supermarket of the fox was proving pretty tricky linguistic territory for Andrew, unaccustomed as he is to some of the finer points of wordtank usage. Just about every line met with a scowl of perplexity, prolonged dictionary investigation and some unexpected results.

He reached a part which said people were queueing up for the cash register, stuck this in his dictionary and got back "the gas main exploded."

We laughed a lot; this pretty much tied it up for the supermarket and we weren't even past the second page.

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