Saturday, April 15, 2006


The managerial career of Daniel McKeown

In my wisdom, I agreed to take over management of my football team. Today was to have been my first tournament in charge.

And in my wisdom, I decided to hold the victory party last night: a strategic masterstroke which caused some controversy.

Woke up today about an hour after I was due in Kobe with 14 (fourteen) missed calls on my phone and three messages.

Message #1: "What's going on? I just woke up. There is someone in my bed."

I will not divulge the identity of the author. Messages #2 and #3, however, are from erstwhile manager and nightclub gooseberry, Tricky.

Message #2: "Are u coming? Or are you fucked in bed?"

Message #3 I will not repeat, this being a family-oriented web page. As the reader may imagine, however, it did not offer a very savoury opinion of me.

I wrote back with a cheery: "Sorry! Good effort on making it, btw."

Once you're this guilty there really is no turning back. I'm just glad today wasn't a work day.

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