Thursday, April 27, 2006


Formal versus objective reality, as expounded by Wes he says there could only be one perfect God and I get an idea so I put my hand up and he's like: YES, at the back? and I say: Dr ---, did you ever watch the TV show VOLTRON? and everyone in the room's like laughing and I'm like no, seriously, it was like these five lions and they could join together to form one super lion.

Did you ever think that maybe God's like that?


He grinned widely; "The best thing is, I reckon he knew I was baked."

He also agreed with my hypothesis: the reason neither of us had many clear recollections about the philosophical concepts we were taught in University is that we spent 80% of the lecture time thinking about sex.

Somehow, when you're in a room full of girls, a 55-year-old man with a dusty comb-over is going to struggle to attract your attention.

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