Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Attempt at mirth

Today's cultural lesson: on occasion, if you can't get into a restaurant or bar because there's no space, the staff will offer to take your phone number and give you a bell when seats become available.

And here's how not to dish out your digits in Japanese:

ME: Jiro kyuu jiro...

SHE: ...jiro kyuu jiro, hai...

ME: ...san kyuu...

SHE: ...san kyuu...

ME: You're welcome!

She looks utterly mystified. We end up going to a different bar.

while i found your dumbass amusing in the previous entry (tadaima, tossers), this time around you sound like hadji going "don't touch your mustache" in response to "arigato." tepid at best.
I looked at the schedule before I went home and saw that the tosspot from the 'Guch was in tomorrow on a shift swap and had a lucky M-to-M with a 17-year-old schoolgirl.

I had a quick word with the A.T.

What I said was: "switch this up dude- he's a fucking sex offender and he'll traumatise the poor girl."

The deed was done. I'll be able to beat and berate the brats at Nagao safe in the knowledge that I've made the world of Eikaiwa I slightly safer place.
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