Friday, March 24, 2006


Sekai ichi

For the first time ever, the title world champion has some meaning to it.

Japan topped a field of 16 invited nations to capture the inaugural 2006 World Baseball Classic by beating Cuba 10-6 in the final in front of 42,696 at San Diego's PETCO Park.

Japan on top of the world
The Yomiuri, 22 March, 2006

O-K... baseball may be a bit of a closed book to me, but I'd still be prepared to dispute that first part.

Just like Rugby, there are a very limited number of nations that can play the sport at a high enough level to compete in the World Championship.

Inevitably, vast areas of the World are unrepresented in these "World Championships" while other areas are over-represented.

(I was going to do this by continents, but I thought my divisions were better.)

Rugby "World Cup""World" Baseball Classic
Americans or as near as dammit2: USA, Canada2: USA, Canada
Countries in the iron grip of U.S. foreign policy2: Puerto Rico, Panama
Token African representation2: Namibia, South Africa1: and it's South Africa
Malnourished Eastern Europeans2: Georgia, RomaniaCome off it!
Assorted untrustworthy bounders6: Argentina, France, Fiji, Western Samoa, Uruguay, Tonga1: Mexico
Bag-snatchers on mopeds1: Italy1: Italy
Home nationsThe lot: England, Wales, Ireland, ScotlandBugger all
Always bitching about Kim Jong Il, but too fanny to do anything about itJapanJapan, South Korea
Antipodean tosspotsNew Zealand, AustraliaJust Australia, mercifully
Undistinguished, other than being in the coalition of the willingNetherlands, Dominican Republic
Shady pinkosNone at all- this is a sport born in Public Schools, after all3 :Cuba, China, Chinese Taipei (probably)
Not quite reds, but definitely worth keeping an eye onnone1: Venezuela
Shady Muslimsnopenope


enjoyed that but please to not write about baseball ever again.
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