Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Echoes of the life I left behind

Got home after talking to you to find Joe standing in back kitchen doorway looking totally appalled. I had forgotten to change cat litter. Cats obviously thought- shit on new floor? No too nice and new. In litter tray? Too dirty. Carpet? Too naughty. So one of them had done the most enormous turd on the scrubbing brush. Bristle side up too. I think it’s quite considerate really. All I had to do was get Joe to throw it away.

Classy stuff from the feline duo. One of my happiest memories of Spencer Ave is hearing a wail of despair from my Dad and him coming out of the bedroom bellowing. "That (dratted) animal's (gone to the toilet) on my floor AGAIN. Next time I'm going to nail it's (blessed) hide to the wall."

Stimpy sat on the landing blinking in surprise at all the noise the big monkey was making. She didn't exactly look like a one-cat reign of terror.

Nah, the best bit was when he turned his entire bedroom into a reception class spaceship with tin foil all over to prevent more of the same. It scared everyone off apart from Stimpy
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