Friday, March 17, 2006



It's St Patrick's Day and I'd promised myself I'd avoid Murphy's pseudo-Irish bar like the plague or possibly potato famine, but there's a bunch of tube feeders playing Star Wars Edition Trivial Pursuit in the next room and I'm beginning to feel the walls closing in on me.

As much as I hate St. Patrick's Day, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit sounds much more painful. Just hearing those words makes my stomach churn.
"Which Hoth creature was animated with
stop-motion creatures?"

"Which movie doesn't feature a character saying the words,'May the force be with you'?"

"What the name of the ship Luke was on when he realized,'Vader's on that ship'?"

-- your tube-feeding roommate,
Your Mum, your Mum and your Mum.

I woke up in my clothes again. How did life ever get this good?
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