Sunday, February 12, 2006


Unforeseen consequences

Friday evening was a strange one: I ended up having an izakaya dinner with Mike and a few others, then we went on to a new bar called "Zerro."

Unfortunately, Mike had rather exceeded his alcohol limit and proceeded to vomit over the forecourt of the place opposite, with great "mwoargh!" sound effects. Well aware of the implications for our popularity in the bar, I grabbed a bunch of tissues and a bin bag and cleaned the mess up as best I could, with help from Canadian Colin.

So impressed were the barstaff with my moral rectitude, they stood our table a round of drinks (Mike missed out, having departed in a taxi.)

When I left the bar, I was disappointed to find that my bike, which I'd left in a safe place, had sustained some damage: the basket was a new shape and the back wheel couldn't turn freely. Most unsatisfactory.

I rode home in a black mood with the back wheel making a fearsome racket and frightening passers-by. I pushed my luck a little riding across Senichimae on a red light. The taxi waiting to go in the other direction went prematurely and hit the back of my bike, with a pretty decent noise.

I wobbled a bit, shouted an ironic comment of thanks to the driver and carried on riding.

Remarkably, the collision with the taxi sorted out the back wheel. How random.

Edit: Oh yeah, I nearly forgot my word of the day- Deus ex machina.

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