Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The replacement teacher

Was out drinking Saturday night and contemplating a mounting sense of horror and futility regarding the beginning of the working week on Sunday.

My phone buzzed, I had mail.

Contrary to expectations, it wasn't Stalkermail, although a similar level of psychosis is evident to the experienced watcher. It was the Man in the High Castle. Turns out I'd forgotten he was working in my stead on the Sunday.

I grinned hugely and ordered another pitcher of beer.

When I got to work yesterday, righteously hungover for the fifth day on the bounce, the other instructors were still laughing about the previous day's tomfoolery: turns out my replacement rocked up in a bad mood and went off his nut at the school's senior teacher for being a tool.

The Japanese have a phrase sasuga meaning typical: usually used in a positive sense- "impressed, but not surprised." I thought it apt on this occasion.

He's working for me again in a couple of weeks.

I don't think I exactly went off my nut. All I said was: "Don't ever touch my ****in' cellphone." After six days of work, I wasn't joking and my tone probably sounded as much. That's not that bad is it? I could have just bashed him over the head with my keitai. I want a new one anyway.--vmm
Previous comment is both crap and unamusing. Anonymous should hang his head in shame.

In other news. Well done on your Jap test Dan. I think that beats my score. I'll have to check when i get home.

And thanks for sticking a link to The Oar on your blog.
He rocked up on my shift and had a hissy fit at my AT- the last thing he should do is hang his head.

I'm starting a new "Hirakata employee of the month" campaign and it's a one-horse race at the moment.
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