Sunday, February 12, 2006


Recognition of sorts

At yesterday's football tournament in Ashiya, one of the Japanese guys used the word iyarashii to describe me. Today, the staff at my school used the same term.

Not knowing what it meant, but well aware that it couldn't possibly be good, I stuck the word in kiten when I got home to see what came up.

Sure enough, the definition was as follows: "(adj) unpleasant; disgusting; repulsive; detestable; disagreeable; indecent; lewd; dirty; lascivious."

I think that's a bit strong. Hate all you want, haters: Dan is merciful.

Incidentally, I won an MVP award at the football tournament. The badly-scrawled-upon prize football I received was emblazoned with the legend: "MVP- Most Venereal Penis."

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