Monday, February 13, 2006


Lack of progress (haters still hating)

I arrived at school today and was surprised to find that I've been given another Kid's school shift. This time, I'm entertaining the little darlings in Katano, which seems to be a fairly easy gig and certainly a lot simpler to get back from than Top World.

Searching through the February archives, I was reminded of a time when the Furukawabashi manager was complaining about me being too tall in my Kid's classes.

Today I arrived at Katano and the staff seemed a little put out:

"We have a trial student (code: she's trying to make a sale) and he really seems to prefer female teachers, so..."

At this point her voice trailed away and I realised she was expecting some kind of positive response to this.

I asked her to lend me some makeup. She looked appalled.

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