Friday, February 24, 2006


Could have been worse

TURIN (Reuters) - Shizuka Arakawa glided into the history books when she captured Japan's first figure skating gold medal at the Winter Olympics, knocking favorite Irina Slutskaya to third...

She nailed 11 jumps in total, including five triples, and none of her rivals were able to match her haunting choreography.

At the end as the crowd cheered, Arakawa beautifully bowed her head with her hand on her chest, a far cry from the air punches that usually go with a spectacular performance.

Japan's Arakawa stuns favorites, wins skating gold
Reuters, Thu Feb 23, 2006

Good news for Japan; sad, bad news for the American skater with the same name as Ali G as she landed on her gussets during her routine.

Strangely enough, I was living in dread that Japan was going to win the curling. I grew to loathe this sport after the GBR team brought home the gold medal from the Salt Lake Olympics four years ago: for weeks I couldn't turn on the TV without Rhona Martin being interviewed, medal draped round neck.

And fair play for winning it and all, but there's only so much that can be said about a sport which is basically just lawn bowls on ice.

If I'd ended up with the housewives and low-lifes of Hirakata enthusing about the curling, I fear lives may have been taken in my wrath.


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