Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Black Tuesday

I tried to make it to work on the back of no coffee this morning- not what I'd call a success. Somehow, without coffee, horrible events seemed to gravitate towards me.

I caught the express to Hirakata by the skin of my teeth, having hit every patch of traffic between Sakuragawa and Yodoyabashi.

At the other end, I was getting off the train when I noticed a guy with crutches and a plaster cast waiting to get on. I courteously stood to one side to let him on (as the previous n glue sniffers had failed to do.) He gave me a nod of gratitude and started to step on when a middle-aged woman decided I was waiting for her and jumped in front of me with a shrill "sumimasen," intent on grabbing her menopausal ass a seat.

And she crashed straight into the guy on crutches who, in her self-absorption, she hadn't noticed.

And I thought Jesus Christ, did it not occur to you that I was waiting for the fucking cripple?

And everyone looked at me.

And I realised I hadn't thought it.

I had said it extremely loudly, while pointing at the guy on crutches for emphasis.

I disembarked hastily and went in search of coffee.

It's a black day for Japan when a young gaijin male thinks he can upbraid obasan in public- a black day, indeed.

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