Saturday, January 07, 2006


Those damn shady Canucks

A Vancouver woman pleaded guilty on Thursday to poisoning several trees that border the city's downtown Stanley Park to improve the view of the ocean from her condominium.

June Matheson admitted she purchase herbicide in the United States and applied it to five trees in the spring of 2004 in an effort kill them. Three trees later died, according to a court document.

A witness told police that Matheson, a well known interior designer, had complained that the city-owned trees, which ranged in height between 25 and 45 feet, had grown too tall and she wanted to "get rid of them."

Prosecutors said Matheson may have felt an improved view of nearby English Bay would increase the value of her condo, which she sold in October 2004 for nearly C$1.7 million ($1.5 million), and called her actions "selfish in the extreme".

Matheson, 72, agreed last month to pay C$50,000 to the city to replace the dead trees and help plant others in Stanley Park, which is one of Canada's most famous urban parks. Local media reported she was given an absolute discharge by the court following the guilty plea.

Ocean view -- as soon as the poison works
Reuters, Fri Jan 6, 2006

As is often the case with Reuters articles, I did a little more research to see what else I could unearth about this dastardly affair...

Mr. Donaldson told the court Ms. Matheson had to sell her home shortly after being charged, because people were throwing rocks, eggs and even bags they used to clean up after their dogs at her apartment balcony.

"My 70-something client is now the object, truly, of feces and abuse," he said.

-from The Globe and Mail

Feces (sic) and abuse? Well, that's just too darned bad.


This case was HUGE news in Vancouver. I couldn't believe all the editorials about it... Tree poisoning is actually fairly common practise here, actually. (Sssshhhh!) Most of the time people are more stealth about it and don't poison three huge trees in one of the city's most beloved and scenic parks.
Didn't stop you from throwing your stools and pretending they were Sport's though, did it??
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