Tuesday, December 27, 2005


A word in the right place

Unsurprisingly, December 25th turned into a pretty late night. Boxing Day saw Dan in bad shape for his work shift. What was worse, I seemed to have been given all the sales lessons, evidently being considered more of a draw than the other two guys on duty.

By lunchtime, I was really dying a death. After doing some shopping, I put my headphones in my ears, put my head on my desk and solidly ignored the world for about three-quarters of an hour; not quite asleep, but not quite alive.

When I peeled my head off the desk, the other two were in their between-lessons break. The senior teacher seemed to be talking about what his illustrious position involved.

I plain don't like the guy, but he's been having a tough time of it recently from the higher-ups, so I told him that I thought he was doing a fine job. He told me that actually he'd just resigned his post.

I wasn't all that surprised.

"By the way, thanks for your comment earlier," he said at the end of the day.

Still not being 100% compos mentis, I asked him which comment he was talking about. Of course, he was talking about when I'd said he was doing a good job. He said he really appreciated it.

I was happy on two counts: firstly, even though the guy's an awful teacher and a dreary, dreary human being, I haven't really minded having him in charge. He's pretty lazy and doesn't give other teachers too much grief so I was genuinely glad that my words had cheered him up.

Secondly, I was relieved; for a dreadful moment, I thought he'd been within earshot when I'd referred to him as a "badger-faced retard."

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