Thursday, November 03, 2005


Halloween and other festivities

Friday: Horror movie and cheese, similar to last year. This time it was only one film (Saw) and a small bit of cheese. I dreamed that I was trapped in a submarine afterwards, but it wasn't really all that scary.

Props to Lewis for the picture

Saturday: The infamous Osaka loop line party. The loop line is, as the name suggests, a circular railway that skirts around central Osaka, making it convenient for commuters to get home. Or (once a year) for several hundred gaijin to get steaming drunk.

This latter gave rise to the mystery of the vomited-upon watch.

In other news, the Japanese have popped up a Christmas tree outside my school which kind of boils my piss- I mean, a Christmas tree in October?

I was going to berate the culprits for reducing Christmas to an orgy of commercialism, then I remembered Christmas at home and realised that I'm not really in a position to preach.

A little acknowledgement for the art work would have been nice.

Keep up the good work.

Just notice the shouts in the yellow box.

Cheers Chap.

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