Saturday, November 05, 2005


Bolt from the Bash

I don't like Kyobashi. I don't like Kyobashi the place; I particularly don't like Kyobashi the school.

Guess where I was today. Begins with a K.

When my phone rang at 10.10am I knew it could only be bad news. I was working someone else's shift at Kyobashi and had phoned up last night to double-check the start time. I'd been told 1.20pm- it seems I had been misinformed. My schedule had opened at 10am and I was missing in action.

So, having already earned myself one late penalty this week, I was in the unenviable position of having to work a day at Kyobashi, with ANOTHER late penalty hanging over me and the company of all the god-forsaken Kyobashi vermin. The staff, who when not downright dishonest, are incompetent to the nth degree; the teachers (combined charisma total: minus several billion); and, worst of all, the management types, including my own gaijin boss.

To my great surprise, the gaijin boss was quite sympathetic when he heard about the misinformation I'd received (bear in mind the reason I was phoning: I'd lost the appropriate paperwork.) He got a little less sympathetic when I told him I'd rocked up to work late on Thursday as well, but when he said "I'm going to try to get to the bottom of this," I knew it was going to be bad news for the Japanese staff. I couldn't identify the one I'd talked to, so I guess all of them are going to be screamed at by their horrible boss until one of them breaks down and confesses.

There's a witch-hunt on the go at Kyobashi and I'm the cause. All the staff there will hate me now for sullying their collective good name.

By the way, guess which school I'm working at every Wednesday for at least the next month.

Begins with a K.

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