Friday, November 18, 2005


Always kick down, episode II: GBH on the streets

In today's episode, Dan is walking through Shinsaibashi. He is singled out as a potential benefactor by the Gaijin-bothering hobo (hereafter GBH.)

GBH: Excuse me, I'm hungry!

Dan: Bugger off.

(keeps right on walking)

GBH: Ooh.

To be honest, this wasn't as cathartic as the karaoke guy. I was just pretty irate with this bloke because he only tries it on with foreigners.

Even the hobos be discriminating, forsooth.

'Tis sadly true. When residing at University Halls one corridor had a disproportionate amount of foreign students. They were also by some quirk of fate all situated at one end. This meant they had a shared "foreign" kitchen. Sadly said kitchen was regularly raided for food, due mainly to the fact that they couldn't really say anything because their English wasn't tip-top.

Moral - Make with the supplies or fuck off home ya scroungers.

Yours compassionately,

Minister for foreign policy and immigration,

Dr Lewis Holmes.
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