Monday, October 10, 2005


Weekend wanderings

I went to Nagasaki- it was way cool.

I took the overnight boat to Kyuushu Thursday evening (an experience I would recommend to anyone), then caught an early-morning train from Kyuushu's Northern tip to Nagasaki on the West coast.

By a complete coincidence, it turned out that my arrival coincided with the beginning of Kyuushu's Kunchi festival, which meant that I couldn't find space at the Youth Hostel and had to go for a clapped-out hotel instead which, clapped out though it was, was at least authentically Japanese. My lengthy argument with the hotel owner about whether or not it's unlucky to sleep with your pillow pointing North comprised one of two conversations I had in total over the entire weekend, the other being the phone conversation with my Brother while I was on the boat.

Observations about Nagasaki:

Came back Saturday on the overnight bus (erk!) and went to the Osaka beer festival last night, which also rock'd. Nagasaki photos to follow shortly.

Tokoro de: Check it out tossers, this page is a year old today. Thanks for reading!

i don't have a problem knowing you have been to hiroshima before me but nagasaki with its rich history of persecution of christians...damn, son, DAMN. i'ma get motivated.
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