Monday, October 24, 2005


Criminal genius, comic genius

Today, we're turning our news spotlight on the plight of Bulgaria, a country apparently in the thrall of criminals and corrupt officials, with the help of the Sofia News Agency page.

Both articles feature John Beyrle. In the absence of any information about this guy, I have been imagining him to look like Gary Busey.

Bulgarians are disgusted by the failure in crime and corruption fighting, United States Ambassador to Bulgaria John Beyrle, said during his first public lecture in the country.
US Ambassador: Bulgarians Disgusted by Crime, Corruption
Sofia News Agency, 11 October 2005, Tuesday

Good stuff, John. Let's see how Bulgarian officialdom digests this hard-hitting appraisal...

Two border officers from Varna airport were arrested Sunday, for stealing the cell phone of the United States Ambassador to Bulgaria John Beyrle.
The ambassador was flying from Varna to Hungary Friday morning, when he forgot his cell phone at the conveyer where hand luggage is x-rayed. He did not realize his phone was missing until after his plane took off.
A search was commissioned immediately but when asked, all border officers claimed that they hadn't found a phone.
The high-tech gadget was equipped with a global positioning system, however and it helped locating it in the pocket of one of the two officers who were monitoring the x-ray belt. They had thrown away the SIM card and kept the expensive device.
The two claimed that they wouldn't have taken the phone if they knew it was property of the ambassador, Trud daily newspaper reported.
The culprits are now under arrest in Varna, facing malpractice and theft charges. They will be fired, officials announced, and their superiors will also be penalized for the lack of control and bad organization.

Bulgarian Officers "Stole" US Ambassador's Phone
Sofia News Agency, 16 October 2005, Sunday.

One way or another, it looks like it's been a pretty interesting week in Bulgaria's war against crime and corruption. The Reuters news site reported that the culprits could face up to ten years in prison for their sticky-fingered antics.

I'm sure they'd be glad to know they've brightened up my day.


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