Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Bad guest, TV pest

Andrew's apartment, Shinsaibashi. Dan, having invited himself round, drunk beer, shouted the odds and generally abused Andrew's hospitality, is now holding forth on 24 Season 3, an early episode of which is running on the TV.

Dan: "Director" Almeyda?! You'll be lucky if you've still got that job at the end of the series, son!

Camera zooms in on Michelle Dessler.

Dan: Your wife?! You'll be lucky if you've still got her at the end of the season, too!

Andrew: Actually, I haven't seen the end of this season yet.

The briefest of pauses.

Dan: Well, let's just say it doesn't work out too well for old Tony boy.

I think I kept my cards pretty close to my chest there.

Those of us who can stand the irritation...

Find the irritation endearing.
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