Sunday, September 18, 2005


Enter the beaver

One thing I didn't mention about the new flatmate in the previous post is that he has his degree in music and is quite a dab hand at the guitar. He was teaching me a few picking exercises this evening when I happened to glance up at the wall and noticed that we had a shiny, white, spanking new air conditioner. After having survived the Osaka Summer with only our wit and sagacity.

How's that for timing?

Mike got home a little later, took one look at the new unit and shouted "beaver!" This, as it turned out, was the brand name of the air conditioner.

It emerged that none of us had actually seen this air conditioner arrive, which caused a bit of head-shaking. You have to wonder what kind of a country this is, where people wait until the end of Summer, then march brazenly into your apartment when you're not around and install a new air-con.

Damn, I still haven't got this place figured out.

you'll never figure this place out and air conditioners are the weak. plus that title is misleading.
It is the lot of the common man to be hoodwinked and deceived. Deal with it.
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