Thursday, August 25, 2005


Word game!

In partnership with Mike's blog, I am hereby announcing details of today's word game. Originally my idea, but why don't I just copy and paste what Mike wrote about it:

The rules: simply think of two products / items / machines whose swapping of labels would result in comical / tragic / interesting / potentially disturbing consequences.

Some examples:

Basmati rice and live bait

Alcoholics anonymous meeting and free whisky tasting

Remington lady shave and angle grinder

Disabled access and car wash

Rape alarm and Sure for women (it won't let you down)

Germoloids and white mice

Braille section and aviary

parachute and first aid kit

Velcro wall and wet paint

Defoliating face scrub and quicklime

Deluxe fish tank and deep fat frier (Mike's blog) and

More examples available on

Feel free to ditch your ideas as comments here, there or anywhere- spread the love.

condom and cheese grater
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