Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Life without an operational brain

Dealing with mad sleep loss, a new school and climate shock is making me feel strange. It's very reminiscent of my first few weeks in Japan, way back when. It's not really deja vu, the eerie feeling of having seen something before; it's the eerie feeling of dealing with stuff that I've been dealing with for the best part of two years, but feeling like it's the first time. Don't know the name for this condition.

Other factors: subway and internet cafe.

To elucidate the above, I ride the first leg of my journey to work on bike in preference to taking the subway. That way I can pocket the travel expenses. However, being at a new school means that I'll have to present them with my rail pass for the first month, just to get the gravy train rolling. I'm not lamenting the cost too much- it's far too hot to be cycling.

As for the net cafe, the internet was out in our apartment this morning, so I came here from work. A cursory check of Mike's blog tells me that the internet in our apartment is now, apparently, working.

And here am I spilling my guts in this shadily-lit booth, while furtive salarymen in adjacent booths are spilling god-knows-what in their complimentary hankies.

Experience Japan, the advert said.

Experience Japan? You could be pissing and puking on the streets of Coventry (sic?) right now, making advances at HS girls, whoring your mother tongue for a few pounds to later spend it pissing and puking, making advances at HS girls. What were you thinking? I laughed when I had my interview and they still hired me. The only thing that has changed since the first time I came to Japan is that I recognize more Chinese characters, I smoke, happoshu is much more expensive, and soccer is more popular with the locals.

Say hi to K.C.'s no-brain-getting-bearded-boyfriend. I'll say hi to that guy named Benjamin.
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