Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Facing forward

I'm no longer at Furukawabashi (this is not sudden news to me, but it's the first time I've been bothered to make mention of it.) The quiet school in Kadoma, full of Panasonic workers is mourning the loss of two good English teachers (Walker and myself) and one arrant dolt.

Despite having spent nearly two years in the place, I didn't say goodbye to many people. The move was finalised while I was in England, so I came back to a different school (more on this to follow.)

According to the Vending Machine Man, a few emotional farewells took place in my absence:

VMM: Your stalker was crying her eyes out in my last voice lesson, man.
Dan: Were the tears like falling off her face?
VMM: Yeah.
Dan: Was she making mimp mimp noises?
VMM: Yeah.
Dan: Ace.

email her puchi puchi, dude. grow some balls.
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