Friday, August 26, 2005


Costly errors in Japanese

I picked up my form for December's Japanese exam today. I'm hoping to improve on last year's 58% marginal fail dullardry, proof if proof be needed that I'm not a morning person.

I suppose I ought to have been able to pick up the missing 2% somewhere in the last year; I haven't had a Japanese lesson in absolutely months, but I'm getting a lot more conversation practice. Take this little gem with the staff at my school

Dan: imeji chenji?

Staff member nods, happy that I have noticed her new hairstyle.

Dan: shitsuren shimashita ka?

Staff member's smile remains, but I notice a slight tightening of the jaw. I go back to eating my lunch. For those not in the know, imeji chenji is when someone gets a new look, shitsuren suru is being crossed in love, a popular cause of imeji chenji amongst Japanese girls.

Main problems to work on are vocabulary, listening comprehension and the fact that I'm a jerk.

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