Saturday, August 13, 2005


Bug beatdown

Worked today, covering someone's 10 o'clock shift. This was an absolute sod, all the more so thanks to an unexpected cameo in my first lesson.

I was just introducing my students to the language for the day when one of them went "ooh, cockroach." I looked around and there, sure enough, was the cockroach- just a small one, industriously scampering around the wall in search of whatever constitutes fame and fortune to your average cockroach.

Thankfully, both of my students were guys, but they were still a little spooked by the presence of the bug, particularly when he started exploring the ceiling, fell off and bopped one of them on the head.

When you're having a bad day, share the wealth. In my break between the first and second lesson, I came back to the room with a handful of tissue paper and snatched the upstart bug from the wall, to great cheers from the students. Once I was safely out of sight back in the staffroom, I rolled the tissue into a tight little ball and jumped up and down on it.

Wrong day, wrong teacher, son.

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