Tuesday, August 09, 2005


And now, the arts section

Tonight's film, Dark night of the scarecrow, raises serious questions about the quality of justice being dispensed by paedophile postman vigilantes.

The film has some great touches: a redneck firing squad taking out a fugitive (Larry Drake, son!) disguised as a scarecrow. The scarefugitive (naturally) turns out to be innocent of suspected wrongdoing, but his killers get off scott-free in small town court, necessitating supernatural vengeance from beyond the grave. Just for a change.

Best bit: the vigilante ringleader goes to have a "tactful" word with the victims mother, whereupon she accuses him of being a pervert. He sweats a bit, stammers incoherently, then hurries off.

Spoiler: there were no ethnic minorities in this film. If there had been, they would probably have all been dead by the end of the opening credits.

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