Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Three queens and the fall of the axe

I feel like today was a day to forget- maybe it was a day to remember. The future's not ours to see. At least, I don't think it is; I never saw today coming.

'Tis rumour'd she hath had three bastards, but
By whom, we may go read i'th' stars.

Hold opinion, all things are written there.

BOSOLA: Yes, if we could find spectacles to read them.

(from The Duchess of Malfi)

So, one of my students insisted on telling my fortune earlier, thanks to a deck of trippy hippy cards she just happened to be packing. The gag is this: you have to draw three cards, which illuminate,respectively, the past, present and future.

I did so, and drew up Isis, Pele and Brigit.

Isis told me that I was hanging onto the past too much. I needed to accept what destiny had in store for me.

Pele told me that I was containing my emotions; that I needed to listen to my dreams and trust them to lead me to a safe conclusion.

Brigit told me to stand up for what I know is right.

And whilst I was pondering the dubious significance of these, the head limey from our area showed up and told me that, oh, he was thinking of making some changes and would I mind terribly being moved to another branch and having shittier days off? I nearly vomited bat crap.

He gave similar to the Vending Machine Man. Naturally we hit the bar pretty hard after work.

The stars are all in place, you can take the horse to water but you can't make him drink. If I'm no longer to be guardian of the old river bridge, the next few months could be a good time to make some changes of my own. Time to let go of the past and listen to my dreams.

First up though is OPERATION IGIRISU: the homecoming. Less than a week away and I can't wait.

More to follow.

goodbye country and badboys, hello kansai gaidai skeezers. the glass is half full, dude. keep your head up.
I will miss his tender fiddlings.

The Vending Machine
I didn't post the post wedged between my original post and this one. I would never use the word fiddlings. I don't even know what the fuck it means.
I can only think of one other person than myself who would use the words "fiddle."

My lips are sealed.
I suppose "fiddle" is just one word actualy.
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