Friday, July 01, 2005


This week in the wild

Some of Rich Osborne's killer whale photographs aren't suitable for children. But among adults, the director of the Whale Museum in Washington sometimes brings out some of the censored shots: young males engaging in what might be described as a ribald form of fencing.

"We try not to impose values on these things," said Osborne, who has studied orcas for three decades. "But it looks pretty homosexual."

"Gay" behaviour seen in animal world
The Seattle Times, Sunday, June 19th, 2005

If, in the grand scheme of things, the above comment ends up being Mr Osborne's sole contribution to posterity, it's still a pretty good legacy.


Fishermen in northern Thailand have caught the biggest catfish on record -- a 646-pound (293-kg) giant the size of a grizzly bear -- and eaten it, the WWF and the National Geographic Society said on Wednesday.
Thai fishermen catch, eat record-sized catfish
Reuters, Wed Jun 29, 2005

Holy damn... they ate the thing.

Cheers to Brian for giving me this story, and to Walker for the "gay whale" story.


Fried catfish with hot sauce is good. F*ckin' delicious. Props to those fisherman, throwing back is for the weak.

I can't believe that article didn't out the peacock. That animal couldn't be more flaming if I poured gasoline on it and lit it with zippo. I heard the peacock is originally from Kyoto.
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