Friday, July 22, 2005


The scarred underbelly of TESOL

Drug traffickers recruited female Korean English-language students in Vancouver, Canada, to smuggle more than $250m worth of drugs around the world, according to Korean investigators. The CanWest news service reported that 18 members of a Hong-Kong based gang, including seven women, had been detained by police in South Korea. Prosecutors say that the women were paid $1,500 to carry the drugs and that 10,000 ecstasy pills and 3kg of amphetamines were smuggled into the country over a 10-month period. With about 10,000 Koreans studying in Vancouver the traffickers believed that female students returning home from Canada would not attract suspicion from customs officials.
English learners used as drug mules
The Guardian, Friday July 22, 2005

Pretty run-of-the-mill language teaching procedure; I always suspected that my company was using me as a drugs mule when I first travelled to Japan. I'll try to make my o-miyage from England a little less provocative as I'm travelling back to Japan via Thailand and I'm pretty sure they take a tough stance on traffickers.

I wonder if the stalker has any holiday plans this year? Getting her detained in a foreign country seems like a smart move.

"Please accept this gift. In England we consider it lucky to carry a badly-stitched teddy bear with us when traveling."

"How adorable. What's his name?"

"Er... Charlie?"

"Very well. I shall carry him with me at all times."

"Sucker- I mean, super."


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